Atanu Chakravarty

No to Corporatisation of Defence Factories! Resist EDSO 2021!

In yet another move of dismantling the central sector, the Modi Government, in a swift move, decided to convert 41 Ordnance factories into 7 corporations which is expected to lead to privatization eventually. The Government ignored all previous commitments and implemented its well-designed plan of corporatization when negotiations were pending and when the conciliation process was inconclusive.

Crores Out of Work: The Story of Unprecedented Unemployment Crisis in India

The lethal second wave of COVID has devastated the country's job market to unimaginable proportions. Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has published data exposing the horrific reality of joblessness during the ongoing pandemic and recorded a loss of one crore employment, one of the steepest falls during the last four months!

Reclaim Workers’ Rights-Uphold the fighting legacy!

India is now in the grip of an unprecedented health emergency. The countrywide second surge of coronavirus caught the Modi government napping and exposed the callous unpreparedness of Modi's mode of governance where insensitiveness, apathy and criminal nonchalance are the essential ingredients of this fascist regime. While the WHO cautioned India of an imminent second wave, and predicted it to be more virulent, the despot duopoly had their other priorities and set out for a royal hunt to Bengal with the sole aim of grabbing the state power in the assembly election.