Steel Workers’ Successful Strike

The strike by steel workers, on 30th June 2021, was a great success, on every count, in all plants as well as in related mining areas in the country. The strike was organized to press for the demands of conclusion of long pending wage revision and withdrawal of the policy of disinvestment and privatisation in Steel sector. Despite SAIL being the first PSU to fulfil oxygen needs of the country in the period of pandemic crisis.

Save Industry Day in Assam

Save Industry of Assam Day was observed across Assam on 8 July 2021 to save various industries from closure and privatisation. The special call to observe the Save Industry of Assam Day was issued by Save Industry Save Worker Joint Action Committee (SISW JAC), an independent platform of national trade unions to save paper mills, fertiliser factories, jute mills, tea industries, spinning mills, oil industries, airport and electricity sector.

RAKCON Contract Workers' Struggle for Reinstatement

The recent victory of contract workers of Rajkumari Amrit Kaur College of Nursing (RAKCON) marks a significant milestone in the history of health workers struggle in Delhi. They won in the midst of the COVID pandemic, against criminal negligence by the central government and defying anti-people laws being passed by the Parliament. On 1st February this year, about 40 contractual employees were fired from RAKCON located in Moolchand, Delhi without any notice. Since then, the employees have been waging a battle against the termination.

In Memory of Loved Ones: Count Every Death, Share Every Loss

As a part of an all-India campaign “In Memory of Loved Ones: Count Every Death, Share Every Loss”, jointly organized by intellectuals and social activists across the country, various sections of workers, including scheme workers, railway employees, sanitation and municipal workers and other unorganised and organised sections honoured the memory of people who died during the Covid period by lighting candles and remembering every death.

Coal: Charter of Demands by AICCTU - CMWU

[Charter of Demands Submitted by Coal Mines Workers Union (CMWU), affiliated to AICCTU, to the Ministry of Coal on 23 June 2021 for Wage Agreement in Coal Industry (NCWA-11)]


In view of the CIL’s plan of large scale and systematic retrenchment of coal workers, we consider that a big question mark has been put before the very purpose of wage negotiation and wage agreement. Therefore, we demand that the process of privatization of coal industry and retrenchment of workers must be stopped immediately.