Railway Employees Convention Calls for Strengthening Worker-Peasant Unity

Extends Support to 23-24 February, 2022 all-India General Strike

On the occasion of conference of “RCF Employees’ Union” (affiliated to IREF and AICCTU), a workers’ convention was organised on 18 December 2021 in the premises of the RCF (Rail Coach Factory) situated in Kapurthala, Punjab. The well-attended and highly enthusiastic convention was teeming with the spirit of worker-peasant unity.

The convention, on the one hand, was addressed by leaders of historic farmers’ movement Comrades Ruldu Singh, President of All India Kisan Mahasabha and Manjeet Singh Dhaner, leader of Kisan Union (Dakaunda), on the other, was addressed by AICCTU General Secretary Com. Rajiv Dimri, Punjab Bank employees’ leader Com. Dilip Pathak and leaders of Indian Railway Employees Federation (IREF)- Comrades Sarabjeet Singh, Amrik Singh, Jumerdeen, Ravi Sen, Manoj Pandey, Rajendra Pal, Kamal Usri, among others. The welcome address was delivered by the President of outgoing committee, Com. Paramjeet Singh Khalsa.

The speakers while hailing the historic farmers struggle and the historic victory it achieved by compelling the Modi government to repeal 3 farm laws, underlined the emergence of present juncture of growing worker-peasant unity and unity of various sections of common people against the disastrous policies of Modi government and called for further intensifying the united struggles to defeat BJP in the coming Assembly elections and to finally achieve the goal of ousting Modi Regime in 2024. The speakers while hailing the Bank workers for their successful two days country-wide strike (16-17 December) against privatisation and ongoing struggles of various sections of working masses, called for making 23-24 February, 2022 all-India general strike of working class a great success and turning into Bharat Bandh. They emphasised upon further strengthening the communal harmony evolved through the farmers’ movement and the need to remain vigilant against continuing communal and divisive designs of RSS-Modi government.

The convention resolved to intensify struggle against privatisation/corporatisation of Railways and simultaneously strengthen the “Save Railways” campaign among common people. The convention extended full support to the call of all-India general strike and IREF leadership declared a week-long country-wide campaign to culminate in big protest demonstrations on 23-24 February, the days of strike.     

In the end, after the adoption of report of the General Secretary, a 15-member Central Executive of the union was elected with Comrades Paramjeet Singh Khalsa as Patron, Amreek Singh as President and Sarabjeet Singh as General Secretary.

Throughout the Convention, the cultural teams, Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch, Kapurthala and Sangwari, New Delhi enthusiased the participants with revolutionary songs and plays.  νν