Crematorium Workers

The Forgotten Frontline Workers: Safai Karamcharis, Hospital D-Group Workers, ASHA Workers and Crematorium Workers

While everyone is speaking about the doctors and nurses, who are most definitely working on the frontlines and whose services are, of course, laudable during this pandemic, it is necessary for us to remember the frontline workers who are often neglected – the Safai Karamcharis / Sanitation Workers, the D-Group workers in hospitals, ASHA Workers and Crematorium workers.

As Forgotten as the Dead: The Invisible Work of Crematorium and Cemetery Workers

With an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths during the 2nd wave of the pandemic, the country is facing an inordinate stress on crematoriums and cemeteries for disposal of the dead. We continue to hear the news of how local authorities are identifying mass cremation centers to deal with the situation or how electric crematoriums are breaking down due to the load and cities are running out of burial space.

Dignity Disposed: A Report on Crematorium and Burial Ground workers in Bengaluru during the COVID-19 pandemic


MAY 2021


Dignity Disposed’ is a report on crematorium and burial ground workers in Bengaluru city. The report documents how generations of (almost all) Dalit workers have been compelled to work in slave-like conditions to give the rest of the city a final good-bye.