Sanitation Workers

Powrakarmika Jaatha: Challenging Caste System, Patriarchy and Neo-Liberal Agenda

The Propaganda March of Sanitation Workers

Sanitation work is a dehumanising occupation and is one that is reserved for the Dalit community across the country. Sanitation workers are not merely individual members of this workforce out of pure choice; but members, by birth, with inerasable identity and inter-generational continuity. Most sanitation workers are women, and are victims of triple oppression, by virtue of their class, caste and gender.

Tamil Nadu: Withdraw all Cases on Anti-Sterlite Protesters at Tuticorin

May Day 2021

AICCTU cadres observed May day throughout Tamil Nadu by hoisting flags in offices, factories and localities despite the code of conduct was in force in view of counting of votes on 2nd May. The state secretary of CPI ML also wrote a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer of the state to allow May day events without any hindrance. Other left parties also wrote similar letters in this connection.

The Forgotten Frontline Workers: Safai Karamcharis, Hospital D-Group Workers, ASHA Workers and Crematorium Workers

While everyone is speaking about the doctors and nurses, who are most definitely working on the frontlines and whose services are, of course, laudable during this pandemic, it is necessary for us to remember the frontline workers who are often neglected – the Safai Karamcharis / Sanitation Workers, the D-Group workers in hospitals, ASHA Workers and Crematorium workers.