Suvendu Sen

The Struggle of Coal Pickers in Jharkhand

As the process of privatization of coal industry is gaining momentum, the situation of workers of coalfield is becoming more and more similar to the scenario of pre-nationalization era.  The grip of coal mafias over the entire process of production as well as dispatch is getting stronger day by day. As a result, the struggle of livelihood of coal pickers, the most wretched section of toiling masses in the coal field sector, has become a significant phenomenon in recent years.

Steel Workers’ Successful Strike

The strike by steel workers, on 30th June 2021, was a great success, on every count, in all plants as well as in related mining areas in the country. The strike was organized to press for the demands of conclusion of long pending wage revision and withdrawal of the policy of disinvestment and privatisation in Steel sector. Despite SAIL being the first PSU to fulfil oxygen needs of the country in the period of pandemic crisis.