May 2021 Vol 1 Issue 1

Launch of Web Magazine, "Workers Resistance" by AICCTU today, May Day 2021

Dear comrades, friends and readers,

It's a long felt need to launch a magazine in English by AICCTU. We vaguely remember some initial attempts to bring out a news letter that proved to be a non-starter. We had magazines in many vernacular languages including Hindi, Bangla, Assamese and also in Tamil. Our Hindi magazine "Shramik Solidarity" is very regular and consistent. Tamil magazine was also very regular but for some temporary break recently. But, we were never successful in publishing an English magazine. We have now, today, on May Day 2021, made a humble beginning by launching an English web magazine of AICCTU, "Workers Resistance".

In a situation of fast collapsing economy, snatching away of workers' hard earned rights, historic farmers struggle, raging second wave of Covid-19 devastation and ever increasing attack by Modi led BJP regime, the magazine has been launched to act as a shield and a political - ideological weapon of the working class of the country.

It's being launched as a web magazine in an era of social media creating flutters even among people at the seats of power.

Launch of this web magazine is a humble effort to launch a political counter attack against the attack by Modi led BJP regime. It's an attempt to equip the working class and the movement with necessary wherewithal.

We hope the magazine will act as an ideological weapon in the hands of activists and workers.

We request everyone to extend all possible support for the AICCTU web magazine, "Workers Resistance".

The magazine can be accessed in "". Individual articles in the website has buttons to facilitate simple sharing in whatsapp, twitter and facebook. We request you to share individual articles and also the pdf file of the entire magazine with all your social media contacts.

Red Salutes, Comrades!