WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos Personal Message To WFTU Affiliates And Friends In India

WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos Personal Message To WFTU Affiliates And Friends In India 

World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) 

Athens 26.42021 

To our comrades, our brothers and sisters in India 

Dear comrades 

The devastating news that daily we read about India are shocking beyond any human imagination 

We are in so much and deep pain to share the news with all of you and your families your beloved ones and all our comrades. 

Life has become so uncertain and the responsibilities lays in the hands of the capitalist government of India 

that has been proved totally incapable to deal early with the pandemic and protect the people by taking appropriate sanitary measures and provide with full medical care to all citizens. 

Once more the King has been proved to be naked. 

In all capitalist countries the pandemic of the corona virus came to confirm once again that capitalism can give nothing positive to the Peoples and the young generations. 

The only thing it gives to workers, the poor peasants and the ordinary people is pain, misery, exploitation and social injustice. 

We have no other way but the path of struggles until the overthrow of this barbaric system. 

The WFTU family in the face of this dangerous situation in India, Mexico, Brazil and around the world, 

in every corner of the globe, is intensifying its struggle for free public health for all, for safe and free vaccines for all and, at the same time, calls the workers and the people not to stop the class struggle until the abolition of capitalist slavery. 

Please protect yourselves your families and your members. 

We are with you on this fight, stay strong and healthy. 

Until we meet again, receive my personal cordial thoughts, the wishes of all WFTU Leadership and staff from Athens. 

George Mavrikos 

WFTU General Secretary