Karnataka Powrakarmikas (Safaikaramcharis) Bengaluru Declaration

A state-level conference of sanitation workers (powrakarmikas) was held on 06.11.2022 at Ambedkar Bhavan in Bangalore by the BBMP Pourakarmika Sangha, Karnataka Pragathipara Pourakarmika Sangha, Karnataka Pragathipara Tajya Sagisuva Vahana Chalakara Matthu Sahayakara Sangha (all affiliated with AICCTU), demanding that all powrakarmikas in the state be made permanent.

Flaming Factories of Delhi - Human Sacrifice at the Altar of Profit

In a horrible incident, a factory fire broke out in Delhi’s Mundka on 13 May 2022. Dozens of workers were burnt alive and several others were injured. The official figure of deaths in the Mundka fire is reported to be 27, and the number of missing persons is reported to be 29. However, a fact finding team constituted by AICCTU that visited the place estimates that the number of deaths to be not less than 100.

Mining Accident Site at Nirsa, Dhanbad

Nirsa, the coal capital of Dhanbad, bore witness to the deaths of a dozen women and men on 1st February, 2022, in a mining accident. CPI-ML General Secretary comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya, the state secretary Com. Manoj Bhakt and MCC (Marxist Coordination Committee) ex MLA Arup Chatterjee, visited the accident site of collieries at Nirsa on 3rd February along with several activists. 

Budget 2022-23 - AICCTU's response

Nothing for the common people, just another way to dig deeper into the pockets of laypeople.

"Poison" for labourers-farmers, "Nectar" for corporates.

With the Modi government's flashy words and misleading talks, central budget 2022-23 is another blow on the hardworking public of the country, facing drastic decline in economy due to unemployment, inflation and loss of income and wages during the corona pandemic. Instead of getting them out of this crisis and suffering, this budget has proven to dig deeper holes in their pockets.

Powrakarmika Jaatha: Challenging Caste System, Patriarchy and Neo-Liberal Agenda

The Propaganda March of Sanitation Workers

Sanitation work is a dehumanising occupation and is one that is reserved for the Dalit community across the country. Sanitation workers are not merely individual members of this workforce out of pure choice; but members, by birth, with inerasable identity and inter-generational continuity. Most sanitation workers are women, and are victims of triple oppression, by virtue of their class, caste and gender.

Death of a Migrant Worker in Puducherry and the Question of Occupational Health and Safety

Migrant workers of the biggest industrial estate in Puducherry, Sederapet, have been demanding various industries in the estate to improve working conditions and to adhere to the regulations regarding health and safety. A recent tragic accident, where a worker Ajbar Malik died while working for a company called Ganges Internationale, as a result of the company’s negligence, was the point of trigger for the subsequent workers’ outburst and for the current ongoing struggles.