Scrap the Uttarkashi Tunnel Project- Punish the Company and the Government Officials


After 16 days, when 41 trapped contract workers were rescued safely from the Uttarkashi Tunnel accident, their families and the people of the country heaved a sigh of relief. We hope that they will get the best kind of treatment.

We congratulate all those government agencies of the country, especially the rat miners who risked their lives to get them out of the tunnel safely. We salute the spirit of the workers who were trapped in the tunnel for so long. This accident shows that the private contract company, with the connivance of the government, has openly violated the rules and ignored the opinion of experts. This accident exposes the government's anti-people, anti-environment and destructive development model.

·       We hope that the Modi government will show so the humility not to run a publicity campaign to take credit for this rescue work.

·       AICCTU demands that the responsibility for this accident should be fixed and the guilty company and the government officials should be punished immediately.

·       This entire project should be scrapped.