WFTU solidarity campaign with the people of Cuba

The World Federation of Trade Unions is organizing a solidarity campaign with the people of Cuba, on the occasion of the 26th of July, the anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba, spreading the strong internationalist message that Cuba is not alone.

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The 26th of July marks the beginning of the revolutionary attempt to overthrow the dictator, Fulgencio Batista, which gave hope to workers all over the world and showed that the people can defeat the exploiters and can create a society free from exploitation. For decades now the Cuban people have been leading and remain a militant example in the struggle against imperialism.

On this day we commemorate the revolutionaries who fought to expel the enemies of the peoples, building for decades an ironclad proof that another society is possible. Their sacrifices should be always remembered and should light nowadays struggles of the working class all over the world against capitalist barbarity.

Decades have passed since the triumph of the Cuban revolution, and the people of Cuba are still fighting against imperialism and its interventions, blockades, and sanctions. The capitalists are raging against revolutionary Cuba which proves that the workers can fight and win them, proves that the working class can accomplish its historic cause and can build a human-centered society free of man-by-man exploitation. A society that, regardless of the sanctions and the embargos, sends help, solidarity, doctors, and medicines to other nations instead of troops and bombs. A society whose growth and development are serving people’s needs and not multinationals’ speculation. The heroic people of Cuba have overcome all adversities, difficulties, and attacks over the years and will continue to resist.

WFTU denounces the new unacceptable attack of the European Parliament against Cuba. The new resolution of the European Parliament escalates the EU’s attempt to attack and undermine the achievements of the Cuban people, a people that for more than 6 decades has been suffering from the criminal blockade of the USA imperialism and its allies.
At the same time and while the class-oriented trade unions clearly and strongly condemn the murderous blockade, standing on the side of the Cuban people and expressing their unconditional support and solidarity, ITUC and ETUC although they hypocritically speak of human rights and freedoms, with their actions or silence, they are aligned in practice with the imperialist interventions of USA and EU against the unbowed Cuban people.

The WFTU and its millions of workers join their voices with Cuba, demanding an immediate and unconditional end to the embargo and the return of Guantanamo to the Cuban people. The international class-oriented trade union movement unequivocally condemns the current suffocating embargo and the interventionist maneuvers of the USA since the very beginning of the Cuban socialist revolution. We support the Cuban People in their struggle against these unacceptable actions with all our strength and energy, with every means we have at our disposal.

We demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the criminal blockade that for 6 decades has been creating serious problems for the economy and the lives of the Cuban people. We support the right of the Cuban People to decide for themselves, freely and democratically, about their present and future, without the intervention of the imperialists.
We call on our affiliates all over the world to express their solidarity and support, by organizing protests and demonstrations in front of American embassies and consulates, under the slogans of the World Federation of Trade Unions:

Stop the blockade now!

The Secretariat, WFTU.