10th Bihar State Conference of AICCTU Held at Hajipur

‘Halt Price Rise, Give Fair Wages, Ensure Regular Jobs’- these were the central slogans of the 10th Bihar State Conference of AICCTU held on 16th October, 2022 at Hajipur in Vaishali district. The conference was held at a time when, on the one hand,  all existing rights of the working class of the country are being done away with the implementation of the four labour codes and on the other, communal hatred is being spread relentlessly to divide the people of the country. 

On this occasion, the conference campus was named after Comrade Hari Singh, the hall was named after Comrade Ganesh Paswan and the stage was named after Comrade Ramkishan. 186 delegates, including 36 women delegates from 20 affiliated unions of AICCTU participated in the conference. The delegates were welcomed in the historically significant district of Vaishali, Bihar by the district president of AICCTU Comrade Umesh Chandra Patel, Secretary Surendra Prasad Singh and Joint Secretary Sangeeta Devi. 

The presidium of the conference was constituted by Shyamlal Prasad, SK Sharma, Saroj Choubey, Shivshankar Prasad and Maksudan Sharma. The conference was conducted by Ranvijay Kumar, Mukesh Mukt and Manoj Kumar Yadav. Comrade Subhendu Sen, National VP of AICCTU was the observer in the conference. 

Comrade Rajiv Dimri, National General Secretary of AICCTU inaugurated the conference. In his inaugural speech, he discussed about the present political scenario in the country at length. He said that the working class in India is going through most difficult times today. To counter this offense, our preparation and organisational strength also need to be unprecedented. 

He said that under the present regime, the working class of India is facing multi faceted attack. From demonetisation to destruction of rights and silencing- the working class is at the receiving end of it all. Today, the working class is faced with the task of challenging the corporate interest led all round privatisation on the one hand and the divisive communal politics of the Modi regime on the other. 

In the delegate session of the conference, Comrade RN Thakur, the General Secretary of Bihar AICCTU presented his report on behalf of the outgoing committee. The delegates presented their views on the report and gave several important suggestions. The report of the conference was passed after accepting relevant proposal of changes. 

The conference adopted the following tasks-

  • Ensuring 1 lakh membership and 20 district committees within next year.
  • Formation of unions in five new sectors namely domestic worker, courier, contract sanitation worker and vendors. 
  • Regular workshops at state and district level. 
  • Ensuring consistency in struggles for working class rights. 


At the end session of the conference, a state council of  55 members was elected. The council elected an executive of 33 members and office bearer team of 15 members. Comrade Shyamlal Prasad was elected as the State President, Comrade Rambali Prasad, Shashi Yadav, Saroj Choubey, Sangeeta Devi, Chandrashekhar Kumar and Maksudan Sharma were elected as the Vice President. Comrade SK Sharma, Surendra Prasad Singh, Ranvijay Kumar, Mukesh Mukt, Manoj Kumar Yadav and Ashok Singh were elected as Joint Secretary. Comrade Rajkumar was elected as treasurer. Comrade RN Thakur was elected as the general secretary of the committee.