Shankar V

e-SHRAM portal: Dismantling Workers’ Welfare and Boards

In the early months of 2020, when the Modi government announced a national lockdown with no preparation whatsoever, thousands of migrant workers were forced to walk hundreds of kilometres to their homes in desperation. When the government was subsequently asked details of these workers, it claimed to have no information. The outrage generated by this callous response led the Modi government to announce the formation of the E-shram portal, officially a database of unorganised workers in India.

Defence Sector Corporatisation

They are not just cajoling Corporations, Beware!

They are implementing an integral design of

Arms Sales of Hindu Rashtra!

[This is a foreword by Comrade Shankar V, all India president of AICCTU, to a book written in Tamil titled, “The Fall of Ordnance Establishments and its Implications” by a long time trade union and worker activist, Comrade Azhageshwaran, of Ordnance Factory at Trichy (OFT), Tamil Nadu]